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Manifesting a Program (Opinions Wanted!)

How are you? Really, how are you? What’s something that made you smile recently? What’s something you’re hoping for?

Last week I facilitated two corporate workshops online. For Netflix I led, “Increasing Happiness, Resilience, and Success,” and for Align Technology (the makers of Invisalign), I led “Why and How to Practice Gratitude.”

One of the things I shared in the gratitude workshop is how I am SO GRATEFUL for this little invention called the internet. How freaking cool is it that I can be sitting at home talking in real-time to people in Japan, Australia, and Costa Rica?

I remember my mom buying pre-paid phone cards at the grocery store so she could call her family in Korea, and then keeping track of the number of minutes she had talked.

How amazing is it that I’m in Silicon Valley, California, right now writing a note to you that doesn’t have to be sent by horseback to another city or cross an ocean on a ship to reach you?

i am incredibly thankful that i get to do the work i love: supporting people with simplified mental health and wellbeing tools.

Practicing gratitude has a ton of benefits, and it’s like adding lighter fluid to your manifesting abilities.

When you hear the word “manifesting” what do you think of? Woo-woo? Crystals? Patchouli oil and sage?

If you’ve been around a while, you know all my happiness, wellbeing, and mental health tools are science-backed.

I look at manifesting as another branch to supporting dreams and achieving goals. I’ve been creating vision boards for years, and I often journal about how I imagine my best possible future. It’s so gratifying to see the things I used to dream about come to life, from bucket list vacations (hello, helicopter and overwater bungalow in Bora Bora) to being hired at the #1 best place to work in the world to marrying the love of my life and raising a family together. (Awwww) 

And now being able to say I’m trusted by top companies like Google, YouTube, Netflix, eBay, and Align Technology to support their employees’ wellbeing. Hashtag blessed.

and i want to share the exact tools i use to create my best life with you.

I’m putting together a 5-day manifesting program – designed with busy folks like you in mind, so we’d meet for 15 to 30 minutes a day, for 5 days – AND I want to offer a few complimentary tickets. If you’d like to know when I have more details, please comment below with “Manifest” and you’ll be the first to get the scoop!

Also, if you’ve got some creative ideas on the name, please feel free to chime in. 🙂 These are the ideas chatGPT gave me for this prompt: “I’m creating a 5-day manifesting program and would love a catchy name. The program is science and research based.”

  1. “Quantum Leap: Unleash Your Manifesting Potential in 5 Days”
  2. “Manifest Mastery: A Scientific Journey to Realize Your Desires”
  3. “Mindset Metamorphosis: 5 Days of Empirical Manifestation”
  4. “The Manifestation Blueprint: Unveiling Your Potential in 5 Days”
  5. “Conscious Creation Accelerator: Harnessing Science for Rapid Manifesting”
  6. “The Manifestation Catalyst: 5 Days to Transform Your Reality”
  7. “Intention Empowerment Bootcamp: A Scientific Approach to Manifesting”
  8. “The Manifestation Code: Decoding the Science of 5-Day Manifesting”
  9. “Quantified Manifestation: A Data-Driven Approach to Realize Your Dreams”
  10. “The Empowered Manifestor: 5 Days of Scientific Manifestation Mastery”

The words “mindset,” “manifest,” and “method” or “metamorphosis” are currently marinating in my mind. Thoughts?

Thanks for being here, friend. Grateful for you.

PS. In case you missed last week’s note, I shared this “dream job” happiness-increasing activity. (You can imagine something realistic or not; both will show things that are important to you.)



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