Nicole Bensen

Nicole Bensen

These are a few of my favorite things!

What do baking, red lipstick, and spreadsheets have in common?

Hello, I’m Nicole Bensen—a happiness ambassador, traveler, facilitator, Positive Psychology Coach, veteran Google employee, wife, mom, pet-owner, and life-long learner—and I’m delighted you’re here.

My expertise comes from years working at fast-paced, Silicon Valley companies; I know what it’s like to spend all day in strategy and planning meetings, to put out fires, to go through performance reviews, to hire the right people, to manage a team, and THEN (take a breath) play email catch-up and do core work at night. Good news: There's a better way!

About Nicole

My last role in Corporate America was managing a wellbeing program for executive women. While doing this dream job at a dream company with a dream partner and two kids, my life was perfect on paper, yet I ended up experiencing burn-out myself. Ironic, no?

I’m using my 20+ years working in Silicon Valley and my background in adult learning, development, and training to share the tools I’ve personally used, and have taught to hundreds of others, to get to a healthier mental and emotional place.

My mission is both to live, and encourage  YOU to live a more meaningful, connected, and happy life.

The San Francisco Bay Area was my home for nearly four decades, but last summer we moved to the Seattle area, so if you need Bay Area recommendations, let me know. And if you HAVE Seattle recommendations, please let ME know! ;) I live with my husband, two daughters, toddler son, and two cats. I love red lipstick, the sound of rain, baking macarons, and rocking a good themed outfit (bring on the holiday prints!).

who is nicole bensen?

Recognized as a “Woman of Influence” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Nicole Bensen helps companies create a culture where people feel seen, supported, and inspired. 

She spent nearly a decade at Google where she managed executive learning and development programs before experiencing burnout. This propelled her to pursue her Positive Psychology Coaching certification and found her company, where she transforms dry, research studies into vibrant, interactive experiences designed for wellbeing and connection—aka, science-backed ways to be happier. 

Nicole is trusted by leaders at Fortune 500 companies, including Google, YouTube, Netflix, and eBay, to lead engaging workshops that provide concrete methods to boost morale, reduce burnout, and increase retention.

...and just in case you want the "official" version...

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