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Schedule a complimentary, 30-minute call

Schedule a complimentary, 
30-minute call

If you’re feeling stuck, stressed out, overwhelmed, or just want a  thought partner, so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own, I’m here to help you clarify your goals, to shed light on new pathways, and to encourage, motivate, and support you. Some come to me for career coaching and accountability, and others chat with me to rediscover what brings them joy. All are welcome.

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If you feel overwhelmed by all the things you think you should be doing to reach your goal, or you’re not even sure what your goal is, let’s hop on a quick video call, and we’ll break things down,  so you walk away from that very first call with your next step.

— PRIVATE Coaching Client

“I came to Nicole with a big and vague goal, feeling overwhelmed, under-enthused and unsure of how to begin. Nicole guided me gently, asked me questions I had never answered out loud, uncovered some truths and helped me learn more about myself along the way.

Beyond that, she gave me optional exercises and resources that helped break the goal down into manageable bite-sized pieces. I wasn’t sure what I would get out of our coaching sessions, but I went into it open and willing. I came out the other side with a clear path ahead of me knowing where I want to go, excited for what’s to come, and oh so grateful for the support and guidance from Nicole. Rather than holding your hand and telling you which way to go, Nicole simply walks besides you cheering you on and offering you support. She is an experienced, heart-led leader and I would 10/10 recommend her coaching experience.” 

I came out the other side with a clear path ahead of me.

Your one, small goal is your MVE (minimum viable experiment), the next step forward you choose.

The following session we’ll talk about how your experiment went, and you’ll decide what makes sense as the next step. I’ll be your partner in guiding and supporting you in achieving your goal.

It’s very common for your goal to change during our time, and that’s totally fine. Each session I’m there for whatever you want to talk about/sort through, and to be your supportive accountability partner.

Experiment and Level up

We’ll confirm your goal (understanding the “why”), then collaboratively identify roadblocks; we may also create a map with clear, key milestones. I use positive psychology coaching principles to focus on your strengths; you’ll receive support and encouragement as you choose what action step forward you’d like to take.

My role is to ask questions to shed light on paths, obstacles, or strengths you may not have noticed—to empower you, to listen to what worked or didn’t work, and to help you pivot as needed.

At the end of each session you’ll choose one, small goal to accomplish before we meet again.

attend our 1:1 sessions

In this mini session, we’ll talk about your goal, or where you’re feeling stuck, and we’ll break things down to a realistic first step, so you walk away with a plan.

Everything you share is confidential (unless you share you are harming yourself or others).

You’ll get a taste of what a positive psychology-focused coaching session feels like.

Then what?
If we mutually decide to move forward with a coaching relationship, I’ll send you the contract and invoice, and we’ll schedule our sessions.

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What to Expect

Whether joining one of my corporate workshops, wellbeing program (Next Level You), or 1:1 coaching, most of my clients work in a corporate environment. I’ve had the honor of supporting people who work in tech, entertainment, real estate, education, and consulting—in companies including Google, YouTube, Apple, Netflix, Cisco, KPMG, Dropbox, CBRE, San Jose State University and start-ups.


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Amounts above reflect full payment upon booking. Pricing is subject to change.

1 Power hour: $550

3 months: $5500 (12 sessions)

Best value

6 months: $9500 (24 sessions)

Each session is 50 minutes. We’ll meet by video weekly or biweekly, your choice. Appointments are typically available Monday–Thursday during business hours (Pacific Time).



In my signature program, Next Level You, you’ll learn many (25+) research-backed tools to support you feeling happier, more resilient, confident, and calm. It can partner well with both therapy and coaching, or stand alone.

Unlike therapy and coaching, this is an existing program with simplified, joyful experiments you can do on your own schedule.

Example: “Here are 12 ways to increase happiness. Which one sounds like the most fun to you? Try that one, and next week evaluate the outcome and see if it worked for you. The next lesson we’ll be diving in to ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome.”

Example: “Here are 15 common cognitive distortions, or filters, we might unconsciously use as we view the world. Do you recognize any you have used? Use the STAR worksheet to help you examine and challenge those thoughts.”

Coaching may acknowledge your past stories (especially looking at moments of strength), but it’s predominantly about looking at your present state, your desired future, and having a coach ask pointed questions (and at times offer ideas) for you to create your own next steps and path forward. My coaching is a personalized approach, and no two sessions are the same. We’ll work together on what’s most important to you that day.

Example: “What is a goal you’re working toward? What strengths do you have to help you get there? What action will you take this week?”

Therapy is when a licensed therapist works with you to examine and break down your past events to heal trauma, clear the way, and support you to take a positive path forward. 

Example: “Can you think of a moment from childhood where you felt this same way? How did your relationship with your mother influence the way you raise your own children?”

How is this different from therapy or the WELLBEING program?

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