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Last week I shared my STAR worksheet as a way to help when you’re feeling Imposter Syndrome or if you need to pause in the midst of a heated discussion or just get to the root of why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. I’ll share the note below, but this week I wanted to give you a video option in case you’re more of a visual learner.

Watch the 10-minute video below that explains the STAR method:

Video for How to Stop Imposter Syndrome Thoughts

In case you missed it:

The acronym STAR stands for Study/scrutinize, Test And Restructure, and it helps when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck.

You begin by writing down the thought or belief; then ask yourself questions to study, scrutinize and test that thought. A few ideas:

⭐ Is this thought based on fact or feeling? 
⭐ What evidence do I have supporting the thought? 
⭐ What evidence can I find to challenge the thought? 
⭐ Am I making any assumptions? (mind-reading, future-telling) 
⭐ What might be another explanation or viewpoint?
⭐ What advice would I offer a good friend who was experiencing this thought? (and what might a good friend tell me?)
⭐ What is the effect of my believing this thought? 

Restructure your thoughts by taking a moment to pause and ground yourself; then come up with alternative (possibly more realistic) thoughts and evidence, and finally, check in to see how you’re feeling after going through the exercise. You’ll likely feel more calm and will be able to see different perspectives that will help you take steps forward.

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If you try the STAR method, would you comment to let me know how it went?

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