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Workshops: Want In?

Hi friend!

In the past 2 weeks I’ve led 3 “Ultimate Vision Board” workshops for teams at Google.

In our 2 hours together, we do a journaling practice, a guided visualization, and an in-depth activity to get clear on what we actually want in 10 different areas of our life. After getting specific on the things, experiences, and feelings we want, each person creates their own vision board.

It’s SUCH a fun workshop, and I’m grateful for managers and organizers who support their employees in life, and not just in their current job.

This year I’m inviting more corporate clients to book interactive workshops for their team, so if you want to support your team, or have your manager create this beautiful space for you and your peers, please comment “workshop” and I’d be happy to provide more information!

Here’s a list of my popular workshop topics:

  • Increasing Happiness, Resilience, and Success
  • Building Connections and Psychological Safety
  • The Ultimate Vision Board Workshop
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Crafting Your Strengths-Based Personal Brand
  • No Thanks, Imposter Syndrome
  • The Art and Science of Self-Promotion
  • Effective Goal-Setting
  • Authentic Networking
  • How to Stop Overthinking and Move Forward

I’d love to support you and your team at work!

BTW, a few weeks ago I was asked by one of my coaches (Selena Soo) to give a “Rich Life” tip to her audience, and I shared my 5-step framework for manifesting. This is one of the things I share in The Ultimate Vision Board Workshop. Catch the recording below to learn the framework!

Do you think your boss/organization would support a vision board workshop? Or any of the others listed above? Let me know if you’d like a PDF with charts and facts to help convince them. 🙂

Cheering for you!



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