Nicole Bensen

Romanticize Your Life

This week’s challenge is to “Romanticize your life for 24 hours.” I want you to imagine you’re creating a movie or documentary about the everyday, average things that happen on a typical day in your life. 

Capture a photo or video of…

Your morning coffee.

The way the sun hits a spiderweb.

A bite taken out of your avocado toast.

Raindrops on a fallen leaf.

Romanticize your life with imagery, like raindrops on a fallen leaf.

How does it help?

This activity helps us be more present, mindful, and grateful for the “regular” stuff.

My friend, Ashley, does an amazing job of capturing sunlight and nature that makes me feel like I can take a deep breath, and I love seeing those moments in her day.

Share With Me

If you’d like, share your photos on Instagram and tag me @tentaclesandtea, so I can see a piece of your romanticized life too!



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