Nicole Bensen

Design for Joy

This week I’m popping in with a quick note and a TED talk recommendation: Where joy hides and how to find it by Ingrid Fetell Lee.

As someone who’s gotten the side eye ðŸ‘€ for being an adult wearing a tulle dress or Disneybounding or dressing for the season, I resonated with this quote:

“As we get older, being colorful or exuberant opens us up to judgment. Adults who exhibit genuine joy are often dismissed as childish or too feminine or unserious or self-indulgent, and so we hold ourselves back from joy.”

Experiencing joy

I highly recommend taking 15 minutes to watch the talk; you may even see a representation of where you work 7.5 minutes in. #yuck

Even on the dark days, joy exists. “Instead of chasing after happiness, maybe what we should be doing is embracing joy and finding ways to put ourselves in the path of it more often.

Maybe it’s noticing patterns on your next walk, or maybe it’s even dressing up in a pumpkin-forward outfit. Whatever you choose today, I’m wishing joy on your path.



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