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Personal Growth Script

Happy October! It’s officially spooky season, and today I’m sharing something a bit scary. But, we promise you’re going to love it (once it’s over). If you’re looking for a way to spark your personal growth journey, try this tip below.

I want you to email three people whose opinions you trust and value, and ask them these two questions: 

1) What are my superpowers?

2) How do I hold myself back?

Need an easy copy & paste script? Here you go:

Personal Growth Feedback Script

“Hi [NAME], my online coach/supporter/friend, Nicole Bensen, recommended I reach out to someone I trust and ask them two questions to support my personal growth. Would you take 5 minutes to help me see myself from your perspective? I’d be so grateful. 1) What are my superpowers? and 2) How do I hold myself back? Thanks in advance!”

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

I know this can feel scary, but as I shared in last week’s note, growth happens outside your comfort zone, so I’m on this side cheering you on. You’ve got this; you can do this, and you’re going to be glad you did when you see the responses.

The Learning Zone Model - Personal Growth



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