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Wellbeing Through Poetry?

Do you have a box (or three) full of old letters, journals, and photos just sitting in a closet/attic/shed too?

I’m doing some spring cleaning in anticipation of a move, and I’m finally going through bins I’ve had for years. I’m finding diaries and school work from my angsty teenage years, and it’s SO cringeworthy.

One of the more embarrassing things I’m finding is all the “poetry” I used to do. I put poetry in quotes because these aren’t great literary works, but words from a hormone-filled teenager.

Many of these I put in the shredder immediately, and some I took photos of before shredding, like this one, to remind myself of what’s coming with two teenage girls:

Poetry I wrote as a teenager.

Ahh, sweet youth, when every other page of my journal was filled with musings about my latest crush.

Since then, I haven’t written much in a lyrical, poetic fashion, but my friend Lauren just put together a super-cool playbook called “Finding Wellbeing Through Poetry” that has me appreciating poetry in a new way. The playbook has poems and exercise prompts, and it’s written in a way a “non-poet” can appreciate.

For example, she gives three ideas on how to use the playbook, and I love the humor she used in idea #1:

Funny book cover.

If you’re looking for a new way to support your wellbeing, check out her playbook:

get the free playbook here

or sign up for one of her live, online workshops:

online class: finding wellbeing through poetry

More about the class and Lauren:

Research shows that poetry is like music to your brain. In other words: everyone can feel poetry. Come see for yourself in this online workshop where poems become opportunities for you to slow down and check in with your inner and outer worlds.

You’ll learn a little about the psychology of poetry, experience a meditative reading and partake in a guided group conversation around original pieces by Lauren. By connecting to the playfulness and musicality of poetry you’ll explore your emotions, spark your creativity and flex your empathy muscles in community.

All humans welcome – no previous experience with poetry required!

Lauren Ducrey is a poet, mindfulness facilitator and UX content strategist on a mission to help you find wellbeing through poetry. Learn about the psychology of poetry, relax into a meditative reading and bond with others around curated poems. Students have said they walk away feeling “completely refreshed with a renewed creative spark”, and “reawakened to the value of connecting with other people centered on poetry, meditation and healing.”

She also leads bespoke workshops on poetry for wellbeing for corporate partners (Google) and private groups as a graduate of the mindfulness-based Inner MBA program (Sounds True).

Did you get your emotions out through poems in your teenage years too? Please tell me I’m not alone. 😛

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