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What are Google execs REALLY like?

In the past week I’ve facilitated three #IAmRemarkable workshops (two for MIT Sloan and one for Accenture), and each session was unique AND had so many similarities.

We had conversations about how we were raised to “let your work speak for itself,” and how speaking up at work sometimes had negative consequences, like people thinking you were too loud and/or aggressive. Can you relate?

I was inspired by the accomplishments shared—spanning from promotions to launching companies to swimming with sharks to owning patents to writing books to choosing to live to being good pet parents! 🙂

Research has found that sharing your accomplishments can help not only in your own career, but can inspire and encourage others. Additionally, recognizing our accomplishments has positive effects on our wellbeing, self-confidence, and our own motivation.

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The episode is up from my interview with Andrea Sagar for the Legalpreneur Podcast! She asked me what Google execs are REALLY like, how I made the leap from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, and what impacts your success more than education.

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Or watch us on Youtube(Note to self: remember to not have a metal straw in a glass cup in bumping proximity next time. 😆 See: 2:19)

I also gave Andrea a sneak peek into one of the heart-warming activities we’re going to do on the Switzerland retreat involving scent and words of affirmation.

Thanks for being here, and please don’t hesitate to comment with anything on your mind. I love hearing from you.

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