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10 Life Pillars: Relational

tl;dr: This is week 4 of my 12-week series called “Reclaim Your Dreams: Reignite Your Spark.” It’s designed to put you back in control of defining success and the dreams YOU want in just ~10 minutes a week.

Welcome to week 4, friend! In case you missed earlier notes, you can catch up on week 1 hereweek 2 here, and week 3 here.

The 10 Life Pillars activity encourages you to zoom in on one part of your life at a time. Each week I’ll share an “Anchor” practice, designed to take 5-10 minutes, and an “Amplify” practice if you want to go deeper on that week’s theme.  

There will be weeks when your thoughts flow effortlessly, and others when you need to pause and reflect. That’s totally normal! Give yourself permission to pause—it’s all part of figuring things out.


Relational can refer to friendships, life partners/love, work – and especially your relationship to yourself.

ANCHOR: Take 10 minutes to answer/journal.

  • Is there a relationship you’d like to attract?
  • Is there a relationship you’d like to grow?
  • Is there a relationship you’d like to let go of?
  • How is your relationship with yourself?
  • What do you want to 1) stop, 2) start, or 3) continue?
  • What energizes you?
  • What drains you?

AMPLIFY: If you want to go deeper on this theme.

Watch this Talk at Google with Dr. Kristin Neff: The Science of Self-Compassion.

She’s also written several books. I especially appreciate her Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook: A Proven Way to Accept Yourself, Build Inner Strength, and Thrive(This is an Amazon Associate link. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.)

See you next week for pillar 5!

In case you missed it, last week, Leadership Coach Beth Hocking and I had a conversation on LinkedIn Live about early burnout signals and wellbeing “band-aids” we can use for immediate help. One of Beth’s favorites? A little dance party!  🎉 🎶 💃 

You can check out the replay here!

Cheering for you.


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