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Reclaim Your Dreams

tl;dr: I’m kicking off a 12-week series called “Reclaim Your Dreams: Reignite Your Spark.” It’s designed to put you back in control of defining success and the dreams YOU want in just ~10 minutes a week. Ready to reclaim and reignite?

Let me guess…Did you start your career excited and bright-eyed? You felt like you were embarking on an epic, mountain-climbing adventure, but once you stopped to look around, you realized you were actually on a StairMaster with no summit in sight? 


You’re taking steps forward, but for what? Your dreams have evolved, and staying on this same path is leaving you feeling bored, at best, or overwhelmed, bitter, frustrated, or burned out, for most. (No judgment here—I’ve felt all these.)

To keep going like this means there’s no finish line, no celebration or feeling of accomplishment—just…the next stair.

But there’s hope! It’s never too late to chart a new course.

First, we need to step back and get clear on the destination. YOUR destination—not the one your parents want, or what you think society wants, or even what YOU wanted a few years ago. What does the version of you NOW want, friend?

Because if you don’t specify where you want to end up, how will you know when you’ve arrived? (The ever-moving goalposts stop here.)

(Important side note: we’re not waiting to reach the destination to feel happy or fulfilled; you can check out the replay of my class “How to Be Happy Now” here.)

Over the next 12 weeks I’m inviting you to participate in my series: “Reclaim Your Dreams: Reignite Your Spark.”

It’s free, and you don’t need to do anything to sign up. I’m going to pop in your inbox each week with the theme and prompt, and invite you to pause for 10 minutes and do the work.

This series is based on my “10 Life Pillars” activity from my Ultimate Vision Board Workshop, and it’s been called “super powerful for examining my goals, and what *I* really want,” “helpful for making my dreams more real,” and “eye-opening.”

What’s the purpose?

The 10 Life Pillars activity separates your life into 10 categories, so you can zoom in on one part of your life at a time. You’ll look at what energizes you and drains you, and think about any changes you’d like to make.

Each week I’ll share an “Anchor” practice, designed to take 5-10 minutes, and an “Amplify” practice if you want to go deeper on that week’s theme.  

There will be weeks when your thoughts flow effortlessly, and others when you need to pause and reflect. That’s totally normal! Give yourself permission to pause—it’s all part of figuring things out.

Join me?


ANCHOR: Take 10 minutes to answer/journal.

  1. When you think about your life overall, what makes you feel fulfilled?
  2. What gives you a sense of purpose or meaning? (This is about honoring your values and aligning to integrity.)
  3. What is your mission?
  4. What do you want to 1) stop, 2) start, or 3) continue?
  5. What energizes you?
  6. What drains you?

AMPLIFY: If you want to go deeper on this theme.

Choose your top 5-10 core values to help you define your mission or purpose. Here are three lists:

I’ll see you next week for pillar 2!


PS. Want to learn about an interactive workshop for your group, company, or ERG? Get the scoop here.



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