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Free Sample

Remember when grocery stores used to give out samples? 

I’m not sure if the post-Pandemic world still does this (also because we heavily use Instacart, DoorDash, UberEats, and Whole Foods Delivery…), but as a kid, Costco was my favorite. It seemed like at the end of every aisle was a hairnet-and-glove-wearing person filling up tiny cups of cereal or one-pot meals, or handing out a piece of chicken on a toothpick. 

I loved the miniature spoons and tiny cups, and the idea they were using a toaster oven *in a store* also blew my kid mind.

Raise your hand if you loved those free tasters, too. ✋🏻

Well, I’ve got good news. I put together a free sample! A taster-workshop, if you will, based on some of the feedback you’ve been sharing with me.

In your own words you’ve said:

“I feel overwhelmed. All day. Every day.”

“I have a never-ending to-do list.”

“I just want a moment where my mind isn’t on the hamster wheel. I just want to feel peaceful for ONE MINUTE.”


“I feel stagnant. I’m bored.”

“I keep thinking after the next promo I’ll finally feel happy, or that I can take a break, but something new always pops up.”

In this replay of my live class, “How to Be Happy Now,” I’m sharing some of the exact happiness and wellbeing exercises I’ve taught to hundreds of Google employees and other Fortune 500 leaders, so you can learn:

  • How to make prioritizing your mental health easier than ordering dinner on DoorDash
  • How to feel successful and worthy outside of awards, promotions, or resume highlights
  • How to go from “I’ll be happy when…” to “I’m happy now” so you can feel better TODAY. (We’ll do a 60-second activity live together!)

You’ll learn 3 secrets to happiness that don’t include reading self-help books or spending thousands of dollars in therapy—and without having to choose between your career, family and your wellbeing. (Oh, and no crystals or meditation pillows needed either.)

At the end of the class, I introduced my course as a way to keep prioritizing your wellbeing, Next Level You: happier, more resilient, confident, and calm. 

(BTW, the class replay link saves you $1000 off the public price of Next Level You, so if 2024 is your year of prioritizing personal growth, this is for you.)

So, check out the FREE SAMPLE, aka my class “How to Be Happy Now.”

P.S. Some companies have benefits to pay for a portion of the “Next Level You: happier, more resilient, confidence, and calm” course, so check if that’s an option for you too!



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