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Manifesting Journal Prompt

I LOVE imagining my best possible future. (Read my blog post about it here.)

My husband, on the other hand, hates it. If I want to see him roll his eyes and cross his arms fast, I’d ask him, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” 😆

He doesn’t like how nebulous that thought is; whereas, whipping up a color-coded spreadsheet and starting a fresh Canva vision board for manifesting is my idea of a good time. If you’re more like my husband, I’ve created today’s prompt with you in mind.

Manifesting journal prompt of the week

I want you to imagine you’ve just won the lottery, and after all the taxes, you’re left with $444,000,000.*

$444 million dollars (!!!) to spend however you’d like.

What would you do with this money?

Get specific.

Half in investments? 10% to your local animal shelter? Buy a yacht? A second home in Paris? A trip on the Four Seasons Private jet?

If you’d like, take a few minutes now to write it down, then close your eyes and imagine you’re living that version of your life now.

How do you feel?

Your body doesn’t know the difference between what’s actually happening or what you’re imagining, so letting your body experience those FEELINGS right now will give you a boost.

So, tell me, how are you feeling right now?

*Why did I choose a $444M lottery? Well, for most of us it’s a big enough number to not put limitations on our dreams. Want to buy the yacht AND the vacation house AND take a trip on the Four Seasons Private Jet AND give away $10M to your local animal shelter? Sure, you can do it all. And the lottery because it takes away the pressure in your mind to “earn” the money for this exercise.

P.S. I’m including this activity live in an upcoming vision board workshop. Want the details? Comment with “444.”

P.P.S. But seriously, check out the Four Seasons Private Jet trips, and let me know which one you’d choose!



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