Nicole Bensen

What does success mean now?

Do you feel successful? What’s your definition of success? Has that definition changed as you’ve grown?

In a recent survey, small business owners defined success to mean “comfort, happiness, and freedom,” with 74% of respondents saying their perception of the American dream had changed.

When I was a kid, I thought success looked like wearing a business suit, carrying a briefcase, and working in a tall building with elevators(!).

(See me share more about this in this YouTube clip: “Embrace your inner octopus: camouflage, escape, or take a risk and build your resilience.”)

Many things I’ve put on my vision boards over the years have come to be, and some of the things I put down (what I *thought* I wanted) are things I wouldn’t want today…like a red stain on cherrywood cabinets (in my teens I thought that was the ultimate kitchen cabinet color!).

Right now I’m working from my home office in a comfy dress with pockets, no briefcase (do people still use those?), and no elevator – AND I’m happier than I’ve ever been

I know that can be a complicated term…being happy. It doesn’t mean life is perfect—being happy 100% of the time isn’t realistic. I still get overwhelmed and sad and angry and frustrated, (all emotions are important, and I use proven strategies to help with stress.) but overall? I’m happy.

Some people think wanting to be happy is selfish, but research has proven that happier people are more likely to help others, and are more inclusive and less judgmental.

That certainly doesn’t sound selfish to me. 

I feel so grateful for my life, AND I know it’s okay to have dreams for more. The more abundance you have, the more you can support people and causes you believe in.

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So…what’s a word or two you’d use to define success? Comment below to let me know!

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