Nicole Bensen

Awe in our backyard

Hello from The Evergreen State!

Last week I relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area to the greater Seattle area, and I’m calling it a great experiment. (Not to be confused with Queen Charlotte and King Edward’s great experiment. Anyone else a Bridgerton fan?)

It’s no secret that I intentionally seek awe to boost my happiness—I talk about it in my corporate workshops, in Next Level You (my online wellbeing program), and I’ve written about it on the blog here and here.

Well, last week I didn’t even have to seek it; it showed up in my backyard. Literally.

This deer was IN OUR BACKYARD.

Deer in backyard.

Yes, I’m screaming. This California city girl is overjoyed to have this beautiful creature nomming on our plants.

And an owl!

Owl sitting in my tree.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time in my 42 years that I’ve ever seen an owl in nature. It was just hanging out in the tree, probably looking to grab one of the wild rabbits (also, AHHH, rabbits!).

I’m so very grateful.

If you could look out your window and see your dream view, what would you see? Comment below to let me know!

Next week I’ll share a resource about dreamy window views. 🙂



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