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Happiness Boost

Want a quick way to boost your happiness this week?

Stop and smell the roses.

I know; I know—it sounds cliché, but science backs it up. Studies have found that people who spent more time in nature experienced more positive feelings of awe, and “exercises focused on increasing appreciation of beauty and excellence have been shown to boost happiness and lower depression.” (Source)

Want to take it a step further? Take photos of the beauty you find in nature, and write down a few words to reflect on what made you want to take the photo. People who did this for a couple weeks straight felt happier and more connected with others and their environment.

This past weekend my family went to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, and nature was showing off big time. Check out these gorgeous blooms!

I LOVE garden roses. All the heart eyes emojis.

These reminded me of the song “Painting the roses red” from Alice in Wonderland.

So many roses!

Like mother, like daughter. Love her.

I’d love to see what nature photos have inspired you lately. Email me them at!

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