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Self-Development: Want in?

I’m excited to share three development opportunities with you.

  1. I’ll be attending the CA Conference for Women in person on March 1; please let me know if you’ll be there, so we can meet!
  2. The Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Mentoring Event is happening later this month, and I’ll be one of the mentors, along with many inspiring female leaders. Again, please say hello if you attend.
  3. Yesterday I led my 40th #IAmRemarkable session (see the photo below!), and they continue to be as impactful as ever. The session was filled with inspiring women—from a founder of a Silicon Valley start-up to a founder of a heart-tugging non-profit. We spanned the globe from Dubai to Munich to London to Colorado to California and shared our unique and common feelings and experiences around self-promotion.

If you’re not familiar with #IAmRemarkable, it’s a Google initiative empowering you to celebrate your accomplishments. We meet in a small group; it is live, 2 hours, and interactive. If you’d like to join the next one, join the waitlist here:


  • How much is the workshop? Free!
  • What is it? #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.
  • What’s the format? A live, interactive, small-group workshop (participants agree to have cameras on, participate in the conversation, and stay the entire workshop). About half the time you’ll learn why self-promotion is essential; then we’ll do an exercise to practice.
  • What are the goals? 1) Improve the self-promotion motivation and skills of women and underserved groups, and 2) Challenge the social perception around self-promotion.
  • Who is this for? Just women and underrepresented groups? This workshop is open to all identities, even if you don’t struggle with self-promotion, as it can be eye-opening to learn of the hurdles women and underserved groups face, especially if you are in a management or hiring situation. Allies and advocates can support driving the required behavioral change.

Know someone who would benefit from these too? Please send them this link, so we can support more people together.



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