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What if it were easy?

It’s my son’s first birthday! His favorite foods are blueberries, raspberries, broccoli, and steak, so that’s what we’re having for dinner.

When he was two months old I was fortunate to hire the best nanny in the world for him – my mom. But if you remember this note, she recently moved out of state. So for the past three weeks I haven’t had childcare, and I’d been building up in my mind what a huge task it was going to be: posting a job, interviewing 20 nannies, having working interviews with 5 nannies, running background checks, etc. So I kept procrastinating.

Then last Wednesday I was driving and said out loud, “Okay, Universe, I’m ready to hire childcare. I want to know he is loved, safe, and close by”, so I put out my intention – and the next morning I took action. I contacted and met two people, and after feeling great about one of the interviews, I all but hired her on the spot. The next morning was his first day in her care, and I’m pretty sure he cried less than I did. He did great!

If you would have asked me last week when I’d have childcare for him I would have probably said something like, “Ugh. I need to get on that. Maybe January?”

But on my drive I thought, “What if this were easy? What would that be like?”

If it were easy…one of the people in my extended network would be the right person. They would be experienced and kind. I would feel confident in leaving him. The cost would be right. He would be close to home.

And I’m feeling so grateful it’s looking like all those boxes are checked. Because I’m pretty fond of this darling boy:

Holding my son on the beach.

Is there anything you’ve been procrastinating or building up in YOUR mind? 

Try asking yourself, “What if it were easy? What would that be like?” 

Just imagine the best or easiest case scenario and see what plays out for you.

I’m a fairly analytical person, so I typically take a looong time to make big decisions. I like to know I’ve done my homework, buuut I’m definitely guilty of getting stuck in “analysis paralysis.”

So I’m not saying we skip the research, but just try imagining what it would be like if it were easy, and start from there.



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