Nicole Bensen

Artisan Creative Podcast

Show notes from my podcast episode with Rosemary Watson of Artisan Creative + Media Agency:

“Did you know that when faced with a dangerous or toxic situation, an octopus can voluntarily break off one of its own limbs? Yup, we didn’t know that either. But our guest on the podcast today did and her methodology is to help people cut off those parts of their lives that are no longer serving them, emotionally, mentally, physically … all of it!

Nicole Bensen is a happiness and wellbeing coach and expert and utilizing her years of experience at Google, running wellbeing programs for their top female executives, [and] she is now looking to serve a larger, global community. In this episode, we hear about how Nicole, despite all the amazing perks and benefits of working at a company like Google, actually experienced burnout herself, which shifted her perspective on what she was doing and how she was doing it. After taking a leave of absence, she realized she wanted her life to look different! Using research based science, along with some more mystical and fun, quirky techniques! Nicole helps clients to build a more meaningful, connected, and joyful life.

Grab your audio, and take a listen out in the sunshine to hear about the following:

1) How to get back to center, without having to spend 7 days in the mountains meditating with monks.

2) How we all can benefit from what Nicole calls a “minimum viable experiments.” Think – small shifts daily.

3) How you can enjoy work and love your life at the same time, while avoiding burnout and massive amounts of stress!”

Listen by clicking the image below:



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