Nicole Bensen

Hygge: comfort, cozy, content.

Have you heard of “Hygge?” It’s the Danish word that roughly translates to “conscious comfort, cozy, content.” Imagine lighting a candle while wearing warm pajamas and reading a great book.

Comforting items.

You can practice hygge alone or with others; choose one of these to learn more:

  • READ: Here’s an article with ideas from decorating to making meal time easier as ways to practice hygge.

  • LISTEN: There’s an option at the top of this NPR transcript to listen to a 24-minute interview with Tricia Hersey, author of the just-released Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto. “…Our culture equates our value with our output. Too often, we only let ourselves rest in order to have the energy to work harder or make more profits later on, she argues — or after we’ve checked everything off of our to-do list and completely exhausted ourselves.”

  • FEEL: I just bought this weighted blanket, and listening to a guided meditation while cozying up under this is one of my favorite things to do. Have you tried weighted blankets?

What’s one way you can give yourself a hygge hug this week?

I’m on this side of the screen cheering you on.

P.S. Next week I’m sharing a few ideas to help with challenging family and friend situations since the holiday season is here, and these might come in handy. 👀

P.P.S. Did you miss last week’s note about my horse coaching session? Catch up here.



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