Nicole Bensen

Have you had a micromanaging boss?

I once had a boss who made us play trivia on Friday afternoons at 4:45. Picture a group of 10 corporate professionals standing up in our cubicles answering random trivia questions and getting a quarter if we answered right. 

Yep, a quarter.

And before you start thinking this was “the good ol’ days when a quarter could buy you a steak dinner,” this was 2013, so even then, a quarter didn’t buy much. This mandatory, weekly trivia was the boss’ way of making sure nobody cut out early on Fridays. Although I’m a fan of gamifying, this was just a whole other level of depressing micromanaging.

Hiding from boss: clip from movie "Office Space".

You and I could probably swap some fun (painful?) stories of micromanaging bosses, but here’s a question: who is going to nag you about prioritizing your wellbeing and happiness? 

Probably no one. 

So YOU have got to be the one to stand up for living your best life and caring for your mental health. 

Need some ideas on how to support that?

I’m putting the finishing touches on my online, wellbeing program, Next Level You, with video lessons of simplified, joyful, experimental, personal development that’ll be available on-demand to fit into your busy schedule. It’s launching next month, and I’m SO EXCITED to share more info with you soon!

In the meantime, would you comment with a 1 or 2 to tell me which statement applies to you more?

  1. I feel overwhelmed and stressed about everything on my plate. I just want some peace and space to breathe.
  2. I feel bored and blah and want more excitement and happiness in my life.



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