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Fall Joy List Week 2: Wellbeing Energy Prompt

I LOVED hearing from you on some of your favorite fall memories! I heard about beautiful New England foliage, Halloween costumes, the “coziness” of the year, baking with family, and an appreciation for the weather cooling down. Some of you journaled about the memory, and some of you used the prompt as a conversation starter with a friend or partner. Thank you for sharing with me; I read and reply to every email. (In case you missed it, I’m sharing one simple idea every week for ten weeks; you can learn more and download the Fall Joy checklist here.)

This week is idea #2, a wellbeing energy prompt from the Fall Joy List:

“I will give myself energy by: _____________.

Wellbeing energy prompt


  • Listening to a piece of music that makes me want to dance.
  • Going for a run or a walk or practicing yoga.
  • Catching up on sleep.
  • Journaling about a perfect day.
  • Giving myself permission to do whatever my body needs in this moment.

What is something you can do to give yourself and wellbeing the energy you need? This could be as quick as listening to a song for three minutes or blocking off a spa day. Have fun with it!

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P.S. If you decide to focus on music as your wellbeing energy prompt for today, what’s one song that never fails to put a pep in your step? I would love to share a playlist from your recommendations!



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