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Ultimate Feedback

Hi friend!

Last week I led two live sessions of my Ultimate Vision Board workshop where we dug into our life goals and broke them into 10 “Life Pillars” to get specific about our dreams. We also did a guided visualization and a gratitude journaling practice, and after doing this deep reflection, we got to work on creating our best life reflected in photos: our vision boards.

Some of the feedback:

  • I had an incredible time and am so excited about my vision board for this year.
  • This uplifted my mood well beyond the workshop because I kept thinking about my vision board, and recalling how happy and calm I felt during the workshop.
  • The activities gave me clarity in what I actually want more of in my life. I uncovered new things I hadn’t expected.
  • You make me feel unapologetic about desiring luxury things and experiences. Your energy is so soft and nurturing and encouraging to be unapologetic about shifting into prosperity mindset.
  • Great reminder of all the things in life that inspire feelings of comfort, serenity, and deep joy.
  • It really forced me to create space and time to reflect on my goals, which are always floating around in my head but definitely benefit from being sanctioned in writing. I also felt a lot of positive emotions during the exercise which is nice too in the middle of a workday.
  • This was 2 hours well spent! I feel inspired, happy, focused and more in control of what I see for my life. I loved the activities leading up to creating the vision board as it really got me thinking about the person I want to keep being and grow into.

If you want to create YOUR vision board in the easiest way possible, grab my Canva template; it’s free, creating a Canva account is free, and this is a drag-and-drop template, so you can create a vision board like the one below in just a few minutes.

I’ve also created some digital affirmation “stickers” you can use on your board too.

Are you interested in joining a future, live session of The Ultimate Vision Board workshop? If there’s enough interest, I’ll offer it again.

If you create a vision board, I’d love to see it! (Please email me them,, OR tag me on Instagram)

Cheering for you to live your BEST life.



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