Nicole Bensen

Savoring Joy This Fall

My kids started school last week, and Starbucks released all the pumpkin spice goodies—summer is officially coming to a close (unless you’re reading this in Australia).

September to December is my favorite time of year, so a couple years ago I created a “Fall Joy List” to savor the season. (“Savoring life’s joys” is 1 of 12 happiness-enhancing strategies extensively studied and proven to boost your wellbeing!)

I’m resharing this list as it’s been a previous favorite. Do you prefer summer or the cooler months? Are you a pumpkin spice fan?

Do you have a fall bucket list? You’ve probably seen them around; they’re filled with things like: go apple-picking, visit a pumpkin patch and corn maze, jump in a pile of leaves, and drink hot apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte. Since I’m a huge fan of things like this, I created a twist with 10 “Fall Joy List” items, including several things you can do without ever leaving the house.

I hand-lettered the title (because that’s something I personally enjoy) and made a printable checklist you can download below.

Tip: Block 20 minutes on your calendar now for the next ten Fridays (or whatever day works for you!) to do one of these wellbeing activities, just for you.

here is idea #1:

Close your eyes and take 10 minutes to remember one of your favorite fall memories. Bonus: write about it.

Did you go on a hayride?
Walk through a haunted house?
Roast marshmallows?
Go trick or treating?
Bake an apple pie?
Get lost in a corn maze?
Carve a pumpkin?
Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?

Think about all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes—relive that favorite memory.



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