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Speed Networking

Yesterday I was a Mentor for The Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 10th annual “Mentoring Monday” event held in the eBay auditorium.

It was like a speed dating event where the mentors sat at tables, and the attendees rotated in 7-minute rounds. I met some lovely people with questions around starting a business, how to protect themselves from burnout (my on-demand wellbeing program was a recommendation, of course), how to know when to say yes to projects and when to set boundaries, and how to know when you should prioritize growth upward vs. learning, or horizontal growth.

BTW, in case you missed last week’s note, I shared the acronym CLEAR as a framework to be a stellar mentee.

It was interesting because even though it’s a networking event, some people kept to themselves (staring at their phone), and some people weren’t quite sure how to start conversations with others. Networking can feel awkward and hard, right?

I’m a big fan of joining events where there’s a common theme, so you have a shared interest off-the-bat, or joining activities that aren’t marketed as “networking events,” but you get to rub shoulders with people you’d love to have in your network.

Standing out front eBay.

Speaking of networking, The Greater Good Science Center’s happiness calendar for March is all about nurturing relationships. Click on the photo below to be taken to their interactive calendar where you can click on each day and get more info.

BTW, joining my luxury retreat is an awesome way to build relationships without it feeling like networking, and in case you missed the update, the dates are confirmed! The Intentional Indulgence Retreat in Switzerland is happening October 7th–12th, and I’ll be hitting your inbox more this week with additional details.

If you know now you want IN, please fill out this form ASAP because the first 5 women to join will save $1000 off the pay-in-full price. (Also, more info coming, but there’s a payment plan option too!)



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