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Some favorites that have inspired me lately

In the past three weeks, I’ve facilitated workshops in:

Zurich, SwitzerlandCrafting Your Personal Brand

Boulder, ColoradoBuilding Connections

San Bruno, California Why and How to Practice Gratitude

I am so grateful to be facilitating in-person! 

Pictures from workshops.

(Could your group use teambuilding that doesn’t involve trust falls? See my corporate page, and grab time with me here to talk about in-person or virtual workshops.)

This travel allowed time to read, listen to podcast episodes, and binge a show, so I wanted to share a few favorites with you:

Podcast: Super Soul Special: Elizabeth Gilbert: The Curiosity-Driven Life

First, I think Elizabeth Gilbert is an absolute delight (Her book, Big Magic is one of my all-time favorites), AND I love in this episode how she counters what she used to think and teach. I love her awareness and growth, and admitting what she thought was 100% right isn’t necessarily right for everyone, and she learned this because someone took the time to push back on her beliefs. 

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling like you don’t have one all-consuming passion, or you don’t know your “why” check out this 30-minute episode.

Show: Crash Landing on You

If you followed my Instagram stories while I was in Switzerland a couple weeks ago, you may have seen me talk about this, but I became OBSESSED with this show—and not only because there were several scenes filmed at the exact locations I happened to be visiting like the Victoria Jungfrau Hotel and Grandhotel Giessbach.

There are 16 episodes, and because I had an international flight and times where I was pumping in my hotel room, I watched all sixteen in a week. I didn’t want the show to end!

It’s more drama than comedy, and it’s overall a love story. My words don’t convey how great a show this is, but Rotten Tomatoes tells me it has a 98% audience rating. If you watch this, reply to let me know what you think.

Book: The Orphan Master’s Son

Okay, I’ve got an unpopular opinion on this one. The book has great reviews, is a New York Times best-selling novel, and even won a Pulitzer Prize, but…I didn’t love it. I didn’t even LIKE it. If I hadn’t personally chosen this book for book club, I would have abandoned it. It’s set in North Korea, and it felt like it was supposed to be authentic (opposed to fantasy), but there was so much that felt fabricated. I’m sure it’s challenging to write about a country where so little is known, especially when the author isn’t even Korean, but it just didn’t feel well-researched. This paragraph isn’t long enough for all my thoughts, but suffice to say I didn’t connect with the characters and found some of the ideas and writing crass.

Have you read this? What did you think?


Last week my husband and I saw Moulin Rouge in San Francisco, and it’s the first live show we’ve seen since the pandemic began. I had tears streaming down my face listening to those talented people sing. #goosebumps

There’s nothing like watching a live show, but even if musicals aren’t your thing, if you have the opportunity to do something different that might spark your creative juices, here’s your nudge to do it.

Prefer things you can do in support of your wellbeing without leaving the house? Check out this list of 10 ideas I shared last fall.

How about you? What’s something you’ve read, watched, or listened to lately that made you feel something?

P.S. I’m humbled and honored to hold space for people to connect both to themselves and to their peers. Below is feedback I received last week after a workshop. If you’d like your team to experience this too, please grab time to chat with me.




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