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Reset your mood and boost creativity

Someone asked why this weekly note to you is called “Tea Time,” and since I recently went to a cute* tea place, it’s the perfect time to explain.

Enjoying a high tea outing

I’ve always enjoyed the fancy fun a tea party brings—dressing up and donning a feather fascinator (I’ve been known to wear a fascinator on a random day, just because), eating tiny foods, and spending time with friends. In addition, it’s an invitation to pause in the middle of the afternoon. 

Studies have shown that breaks reset your mood, reduce stress and lead to greater creativity.  

I know, I know…you have a million things on your plate, and you think if you pause for a break you’re just going to end up having to work late into the night, right? I get you, because I often feel the same way. It’s not natural for me to pause and take a break, but I find that when I do, I often have insights I didn’t expect, or I actually won’t end up tacking on those 30 minutes to the end of my day. (Parkinson’s Law, anyone?) 

So, the point is, my notes to you are an invitation to pause. Your personal Tea Time. 

And this week I’m encouraging you to take an intentional pause. Will you try it this week? Maybe it’s today, or another day this week, but I dare you to put a 30-minute spot on your calendar for an afternoon this week where you pause and see what happens. You don’t have to have a cup of tea or eat a petit four; maybe you go for a walk or take 2 minutes to practice gratitude. Just try it, and reply back to let me know what happened!

P.S. Last week’s note about hobbies vs. jobs vs. careers vs. vocations resonated with many, so if you missed it, I shared the info in this blog post.

*This Instagramable tea place is called Son and Garden, and they have two locations: San Francisco and Menlo Park.



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