Nicole Bensen

Pop the champagne; it’s time to celebrate YOU

Would you take two minutes right now for a visioning activity?  

Take a deep breath. Relax your forehead…your jaw…and your shoulders. Close your eyes, and imagine it’s the morning of December 31, 2022. You feel grateful, happy, and proud of what you’ve accomplished this year. What pops into your mind? Did you buy a house? Make time for things that bring you joy? Get promoted? Get out of that toxic relationship? Get a new job? Write a book? Set boundaries with your boss (or in-laws!)? Prioritize your mental health?

Let’s celebrate YOU.

Whatever goal you’re pursuing, it helps to have steps along the way to 1) know you’re making progress, and 2) keep you going when it feels like the end goal is too far away. 

So, when you close your eyes and feel in your body what it would be like to be celebrating yourself on December 31st for doing that thing…what does it feel like, and what came to mind?

And can you take that thing and come up with three supportive actions to make progress? For example, if you wanted to get a new job, you could plan to 1) Put together your resume, 2) Apply to 10 jobs, 3) Have a practice interview with a coach or mentor.

Having accountability makes you more likely to accomplish your goals.

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews conducted a study and found that 76% of the participants who wrote down their goal and sent weekly updates to a friend reported “successful goal achievement” (completely accomplished their goal or were more than halfway there), compared to 35% of those who kept their goals to themselves, without writing them down.

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You deserve to be celebrating on December 31; let’s get you there, friend!



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