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Yesterday I felt like I was in Downton Abbey

“I will be kind to myself by [Fill in the blank].” 

Ideas: Saying no to something I don’t want to do. Taking a nap. Taking a bath. Going for a walk. 

That’s your idea for week 5 of the 10-week Fall Joy List. (In case you missed last week’s “30-second fall meditation” I recorded a soothing video you can follow along with here.)

Yesterday I was kind to myself by having maternity photos taken. I hadn’t done a maternity shoot with my two girls, and I wasn’t sure if it was “my thing,” but I decided I’d rather have them, than not get them and wish I had documented this time in my life. And…Oh. My. Goodness. It was such a treat! The photographer (Rhiannon of Alloria Winter Photography) had an assistant, Leah, who helped me get dressed, moved stray hairs, and told me how to place my hands. I told her I felt like I was in Downton Abbey, having someone help me get dressed. 😂 I’m no stranger to day spas and pampering, but this new experience was special in a different way. I felt pretty and confident, and I’m so glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to try a new way to be kind to myself. 

Here’s a couple behind-the-scenes, screenshot sneak peeks:

Fashion maternity photo

So, with that, I encourage you to choose something to be kind to yourself today. I know it’s easy to dismiss generic tips like “Be kind to yourself,” so I recommend stopping right now to check in with yourself and ask, “What do I want right now?” A cup of coffee? A walk? A massage? A photoshoot? I’m cheering for you to do it! 🎉 

See you next week for tip #6.



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